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Tips For Pricing & Advertising - How To Sell A Used Car In Dubai (19 March 2020)

Are you buying a new car that's always an exciting move and want to sell your old car that helps you out in managing your budget for buying a new car? You can exchange your car with a dealer or someone else and add some cash from your side if you are buying some better car compared to the old one. Or you can also cash your car and add some more cash to buy a new car. Selling a used car is always a challenge, the easiest solution is simply to sell your car personally of your friends or relatives or to some known person who is looking to buy a car or you can use online media to sell your car which is a very easy way to sell your car. If you finally decide to sell your car follow these tips which are quite uch beneficial for you.

1- Clean Your Car Properly

No one likes a car with scratches or a car which is not maintained well and not looking clean. If you really want to sell your car on the go the first step is to clean your car properly. If you take time to clean your car from inside and outside including washing and waxing, removing scratches and dents, changing floor mats and wipers, clean your tires and rims properly all these show to buyer that you kept your car in a well maintained condition this show that you are the owner of clean car and you take care of your car in a proper way as well it translates to responsible ownership. For less than 500 Dirhams you can have a good looking car which is ready to sell in the market.

2- Set a Good Price

While selling any items, not only cars, the cost of the product is the most important thing. While selling your check market of your car properly and set the price accordingly. The most easy way to get your car price idea is to research your car price through car dealers or on a classified website, or you can check with any car services website.

Based on market research that you did for your car, compare your car features and condition with other car and check where you have the edge in selling your car at a good price. If you see that you have a good car, set an attractive price for it, don't set a high price for your car which exceeds the existing market price. Also don't go too below in selling your car urgently. Set the price higher than your expectations as everyone does negotiation in every car buying process so keeping in mind the negotiation process sets a little higher price which later meets your expectations.

3- Advertise or Sell it Online

Everyone is using internet now a days especially in Dubai which is a smart city 99% people are aware of internet and they do search for cars when they are planning to buy a car so for you if you are selling your car use internet and post ads on classified websites or also you can go for sell any car service which has online portals which allows you to cash your car instantly by just adding your car details into their system which evaluate your car and give you the car price range on the same time. These are the most efficient ways to sell your car in Dubai.

To advertise your car, take HD photos of your car from both inside and outside and place ad on classified websites like dubizzle, dubai autos, dubai classifieds etc and add details of your car, mention all of the details of your car which attract buyers towards your car. 

Meet With Potential Buyers & Finalize the Deal

Now calls are rolling, meet with buyers that are more interested in buying your car and offers you god cash. After meeting with buyer let him check the car properly and take him for a test drive if and explain to him all the function of your car how its works etc. After test drive finalize the pricee if buyer is interested in buying your car finalize the deal. Be careful for the payment, don accept cheques of other dates, ask for online transfer on cah in hand. While selling your car dont forget to cancel your insurance. The buyer will be the official owner of the car and he will responsible for acts.

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