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Thumbay Hospital Ajman Launches ’Wellness Centre And Multivitamins Lounge’ Providing Customized IV Infusion Therapy (8 September 2021)
IV infusion therapy aims at providing a unique blend of essential nutrients to the body. It can be used for numerous benefits such as stress reduction, helping reduce hair-fall, detoxifying the body, rejuvenating the skin, and strengthening the immune system.

Ajman University Students Win Prestigious James Dyson Award For Design Engineering (26 August 2021)
In recognition for their brilliant innovation to solve a pressing social issue, a team of Ajman University Engineering College students have been awarded the James Dyson National Award for Design Engineering.

Ajman Chamber Of Commerce And Industry Meets With Leading Chinese Tech Solutions Provider Dahua (22 August 2021)
The Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry held a meeting with representatives from Dahua - a leading Chinese tech solutions provider specialising in video surveillance products, data security, alarms, motion sensors, and access control.

Ajman University To Launch More Covid-19 Discounts (21 August 2021)
In order to mitigate the potentially devastating consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and to help future students and their families, Ajman University will host the open week initiative for students from 22th to 26th August, 2021.

Ajman Chamber Of Commerce And Industry: 140 Field Visits To Industrial Facilities In The Emirate In H1 2021 (16 August 2021)
The Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Relations and Members Support Office organised 140 field visits to various factories and industrial sector facilities in the emirate in the first half of 2021.

Ajman Free Zone Records 35% Growth In Number Of Registered Companies During H1 2021 (8 August 2021)
Ajman Free Zone (AFZ) recorded a significant growth of 35 percent in the number of new registered companies during the first half of 2021 compared to the same period in 2020.

Ajman University Alumnus Wins Top Photography Award For Stunning Pictures Of The House Of Wisdom (2 August 2021)
The stunningly beautiful House of Wisdom was recently launched as a public library and cultural hub in Sharjah, UAE and is designed by renowned British engineering and architecture firm, Foster and Partners.

Ajman Free Zone Strengthens Partnerships In Insurance Sector With Two New Agreements (13 July 2021)
Ajman Free Zone has entered intoseparate partnerships with two insurance companies as part of its ongoing efforts to expand its network and provide support to investors, companies and the business community.

Ajman University To Attract Diversity Of Students With Generous Scholarships (30 June 2021)
Ajman University (AU), has geared up to attract brilliant students from all nationalities, with attractive scholarships and discounts in this admissions season.

Ajman University Launches 5 New Research Centers To Enhance Research In Emerging Hi-Tech Fields (23 June 2021)
Ajman University (AU) is pleased to announce the opening of 5 state-of-the-art research centers covering key areas of national and international strategic importance such as Artificial intelligence (AI), Digital Transformation, Medical Sciences and Smart Architecture.

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