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How to Develop Your IELTS Vocabulary

To pass your IELTS with higher scores, you should be a pro in the vocabulary as well as the other effective approaches like knowing the proper structure of the test, the strategies to perform the test and a lot of practice. You may also join any IELTS Preparation course in Dubai for better preparation. Vocabulary is one of the main approaches to take all types of IELTS particularly speaking and the writing test. We have managed to sum up some of the tips to increase your vocabulary so that you can get the band 7 plus in your IELTS.

Read, Write, Listen & practice!

Everything needs the practice to produce the best results and to pass the IELTS, you need to practice in a petty serious way. You must read, write and listen more and more to improve your vocabulary. The vocabulary plays an important part to present your writing tasks better and to speak in the test without the posses and using lame words instead of the meaningful word. The more you practice, you will increase your vocabulary so dot forget to read, write, speak and repeat. Also, join the IELTS training center in Dubai and ask your tutors for more useful tips.

Use an English to English Dictionary

One of the best ways to improve your vocabulary is to buy a dictionary and it’d be best if it is English to English dictionary. You make a proper schedule to learn a fixed number of words on the daily basis and then implement them on certain sentences and try to speak those words with your friend or anyone you know to practice your speaking skills. IELTS Preparation course will let you increase your vocabulary by allowing you to learn the new words.

Use a Vocabulary Journal

When you start learning the new words, you can make a proper diary so that you can note down those words for you and in the long run, you just have to revise the words from that journal and you are good to go with your vocabulary. Take any IELTS Course in Dubai to get a clear idea about the structure and the preparation of the exam whether it’s speaking, writing, listening. This is definitely a great idea and will help you new words. Also, this is the fact that the words which are noted down on the page remain longer in the mind.

Organize Your Journal Thematically

Now, this is also an interesting tip that when you are trying and learn the new words from the dictionary or any other medium while writing it down to the notebook or the journal, you can make the portion and write the words with the same meanings in one portion and so on. If you want to increase your vocabulary to score in the IELTS, you must try and perform this tip.

List Different Forms of a Words

It is better to list down the words and their proper forms of the verbs so that you don’t find any difficulty in writing the speaking and the writing tasks. IELTS Course in Dubai may guide you on that. Make sure to remember the newly learned vocabulary and the proper forms of the words.

Learn a Word Day

It will be an easy task for you to learn one word per day so that you don’t mix the new words and have the proper remembrance of the vocabulary. This will benefit you in the tasks in the IELTS exam.

Practice the Speaking

This is one of the easiest ways to refine your vocabulary that you practice and have a dialogue session daily with any of your friends. It will let you learn the new words and you will definitely find it easier to get the words out of your mouth in no time. You won’t have the pauses as well. This is important to remember that if you take the pauses in speaking due to the lack of vocabulary, the would have a negative impact on your exam.Make sure to implement these tips so that you can score higher in your IELTS. Also, join the IELTS Preparation course to get the coaching from the qualified tutors. You may also join the IELTS training center in Dubai and improve your exam score.

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